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We have our very own Gloss Girl M on the blog today, and its also her Birthday!! She is not only one of our amazing Photographers, but she is also the Studio Manager! We wanted everyone to get to know her a little bit better, so take a peek below at the 26 questions we asked her!

1. What’s your favorite movie? I’m a fan of cheesy romances! Moulin Rouge, La La Land, Across the Universe…wait. Maybe I just like movies with singing and dancing! Ha! 
2 Favorite TV show that’s currently on? Westworld! Watch it! It is AMAZING! 
3. On a scale of one to ten how excited are you about life right now? Always a 15! My life is pretty amazing and I feel soooo lucky to be living it! 
4. Twitter or Instagram? Instagram for sure! ahem… @marceerae
5. Who should EVERYONE be following right now? Ummm me? Ha ha ha! Obviously @gloss_boudoir,  and my babe of a super talented husband @christiansloan 
6. What’s your favorite food? Tacos! 
7. Favorite dessert? Macarons from Tierry! 
8. Coffee or tea? Allll the coffee 
9. Favourite musical artist? Too many to name! The XX, Lana Del Rey, The Killers, Miguel, and I am also a proud member of the Beyhive….
10. Favorite song? I can’t pick a favourite song! I can’t even pick a favourite musical artist! ‘Harvest Moon’ by Neil Young (my wedding song), ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by the Killers, ‘Coffee’ by Miguel….
11. Best gift you’ve ever received? My first camera! 
12. What’s your favorite board game? How about card game? Dutch Blitz is the best! 
13. What’s your favorite country to visit? The rest of their country is kind of going to shit, but Maui is always one of my favourite places! 
14. What’s your favorite color? Sparkles!
15. Best way to de-stress? Hanging out with my little guy! 
16. What is your most favorite thing about yourself? My perseverance and dedication towards the things that I love the most. Pursuing my dream job as a photographer has never been easy, but there is nothing with effort!  
17. What are you listening to right now? Obviously the new Beyonce and JayZ album! 
18. Favorite smell? My little guy (after a bath), my husbands cologne, the air in Hawaii, the Yorkville candle from Vancouver candle company…
19. Scary film or happy endings? Happy Endings! I love love!
20. Favorite season? I actually really love all of them! Even rainy Vancouver! 
21. Three people alive or dead that you would like to have dinner with? Barack Obama, Roald Amundsen, and Annie Leibovitz
22. What is the farthest you have been from home? Arles, France
23. Lipstick or lip gloss? Lipstick!
24. What book have you read again and again? I am a HUGE book nerd, and read non stop! I also love to reread all my books over and over again….
25. What would be the title of your autobiography? “Love and Sparkles, the adventures of a girl and her camera”
26. Last photograph you took? My husband and our son, the 2 cutest turkeys EVER!
Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio

Gloss Boudoir StudioGloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio



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