Gloss Girl B – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

Gloss Girl B came back for her second shoot with us at Gloss Boudoir! Her only request was an evening shoot with more moody style images, and we had so much fun playing in the dusky sunlight!

“I originally booked with Gloss Boudoir because I dance with Gloss Boss Kelly at Luminesque Dance. So many of the dance babes have had shoots with Gloss and I was inspired and excited at the opportunity to treat myself. This was my second shoot at the studio with Marcee, I actually won it in a Mother’s Day contest! I was so excited to win and get back into the studio!”

“Before my shoot I was excited, eager, and of course a little nervous. I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I was for my first shoot. I remembered how amazing I had felt when I left. How beautiful I felt after I saw my photos. How empowered all the ladies made me feel. I was just so thrilled with the opportunity to do it all again. My favourite thing about my shoot was hanging with Marcee. It felt like 2 pals hanging around taking photos, and I loved it. Marcee has such a way of creating a safe and welcoming environment. I am quite camera shy, but she just makes me feel so at ease. She is so warm and encouraging and made the experience so fun!”

“To be honest, the whole evening is one great, big, beautiful memory that I will remember and cherish forever. Women uplifting, supporting, and encouraging other women is an absolutely beautiful thing and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to have not one, but two really wonderful Gloss Boudoir experiences this year. When I saw my photos for the first time, I felt beautiful. Simple as that. I have always had body image issues. But seeing myself in professionally edited photos gave me a whole new sense of pride in myself and my body. Even though I still have bad days where I am too hard on myself, I am happy to say that I am learning to embrace and love my body in all its curvy, womanly glory. And a HUGE part of that mental transition is because of my experience with Gloss.”

Gloss Boudoir Studio

Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio

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