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“I always say to anyone that’s thinking of booking a boudoir shoot: DO IT! It is so liberating and fun! Whether you’re shy in front of the camera, or in tune with your sexuality, the ladies at Gloss make you feel comfortable and guide you throughout the shoot. I’ve done one boudoir shoot previously, however I wanted to try Gloss because I know a lot of women that have booked with them and their photos are incredible!”

“It was so difficult to choose my favourites! I got to give the makeup artist, Kelsey, my inspiration (I showed her pictures from other Gloss girls’ shoots actually, because they always have great makeup!) and Marcee was beyond amazing during the shoot. Not only does she get the perfect picture, but it helps you to be calm and enjoy the moment. She is so warm and inviting, and we had a lot of laughs! Personally I like to book a shoot on a day where I have something fun going on, so that I have this amazing, confidence-boosting experience, get all dolled up, and I can carry that energy into my day. For this shoot, I booked it on the Friday after my birthday, which was 5 months after giving birth to my son (first baby). I wanted the motivation to get myself back into shape, and I also wanted to celebrate my body after the pregnancy and birth experience. I wasn’t completely ‘back in shape,’ I’ve done a lot of work since, but I enjoyed pushing myself out of the comfort zone and appreciating my body for what it is. I felt beautiful, safe, confident, sexy, and happy. I felt like a hot mama! Thank you Marcee! I’m excited to book another shoot one day!”

“I had trouble picking clothes to wear, and I couldn’t find the thing I was going to bring, so I just tossed a few items in my bag and Marcee helped me put my outfits together. I wore heels that have sat in my closet for years, because they are too beautiful to give up even though they are uncomfortable – now I can at least appreciate them in some beautiful photos. I wore cute underwear I had from La Senza because they were subtly sexy, and my Victoria’s Secret silk robe from my wedding shower back-in-the-day ‘cause I felt like it was going to be a good look (which is was!). I had this thong bodysuit from American Apparel which ended up being my favourite outfit! I love teddies, bodysuits and strappy lingerie for boudoir. I also did a Lifestyle add-on to get a new photo for my LinkedIn account ;)”
“Thank YOU! I can’t wait to come back”-Gloss Girl A
Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio
Gloss Boudoir StudioGloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio
Gloss Boudoir Studio
Gloss Boudoir Studio
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