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“Being a victim of sexual assault, I never thought I would feel beautiful or enjoy my sexuality again. Over the last 2 years my body has felt more like a crime scene than my own, it was something that I should hide and cover up, not show off and be proud of.  After seeing a girl from my high school post photos on her Instagram of her photoshoot with Gloss, I looked them up. I was amazed by all the women that looked empowered and gorgeous, so I decided to do a shoot with Gloss to celebrate my body.”
“The days leading up to my shoot I was absolutely terrified and convinced I wouldn’t be able to do it.  But once I had my hair and make up done, Tarah did an UNBELIEVABLE job, and started chatting with Marcee, my nerves and fears were gone. The entire session was so comfortable I almost forgot I was sitting there having a stranger take photos of me in my underwear.  I laughed and smiled so much in those two hours. Marcee would get so excited about the photos she was taking, which is super encouraging, and made me excited about them as well.  Leaving the studio I walked a little taller and felt absolutely beautiful, I would not stop smiling for days. When I got my photos I couldn’t believe the person I was looking at was me,  I was blown away. I had forgotten how to appreciate my body and love it for what it is.”
“Doing this photoshoot with Gloss was incredibly healing for me. It gave me back the confidence I had lost after my assault and showed me, that it is ok to want to feel sexy. I am incredibly grateful to them for being able to give me that, and to help me in my healing process.  This is something I will definitely continue to do in the future and encourage others to do as well!!!!”
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