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“I decided to do a shoot with Gloss Boudoir because I had done a session with them before and it was such a positive experience. I have wanted to do another since, and with my wedding around the corner I thought it was the perfect time to do one and gift to my husband! My first time with them was so wonderful, I wouldn’t even consider shooting with another company. I was feeling excited before my shoot, because I had done this before, I knew what was coming. I was looking forward to trying new poses and seeing Marcee and Kelsey again!”

“My favourite thing about my shoot was the whole thing, from start to finish. Marcee and Kelsey chat with you while you are getting your make up done, you laugh and talk. Marcee gets so excited about the outfits you brought and helps you decide what to wear (or what not to wear – as you can see from my photos haha). I must say that Marcee is simply the best, she is so encouraging, so lovely, and so excitable. She genuinely makes you feel like taking your photo is lighting up her life!”

“I was nervous to see my photos, I hadn’t reached the goal weight I wanted for the shoot or for my wedding, I bared it all, got completely nude, but seeing such professional, well done photos of myself can shift your outlook. I felt beautiful and womanly. I would tell other women that are considering a shoot to just do it! It’s a empowering experience as a women, and do it for yourself, not for anyone else, especially if it’s your first time. Then once you’ve done one, do another one!! In my experience your first shoot is a lot of getting past your nerves, it’s still fun though. The second experience was incredible, I felt playful and willing to try anything, I felt so much more comfortable and sexy. And last bit of advice, do your shoot with Gloss!”

“The entire day is such a fond memory for me. From seeing Marcee light up with excitement while taking my photo, and riding that high the rest of the day. It was truely amazing. Thank you so much Gloss, I love you guys so much xoxoxo”

Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio

Gloss Boudoir Studio

Gloss Girl C added on the 15 minute Lifestyle add on for some new headshots! We love her outfit choice!!

Gloss Boudoir Studio

Gloss Boudoir Studio

Gloss Boudoir Studio

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