Gloss Girl M – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

“I decided to do a boudoir shoot because I bought one for a friend as a gift for her birthday. She demanded I do one too, so of course I did! I decided to book with Gloss Boudoir because all of the Luminesque babes book here! I’ve seen their results and everyone looks gorgeous and comfortable in their own skin.”

“My favourite thing about my shoot was Marcee and the space (physical and emotional). Marcee was so encouraging and relaxed. She created such a safe and welcoming space. I loathe being in front of the camera, so I naturally tense up. Marcee was great at coaxing me out of my shell and guiding me through everything. We also had a few good laughs along the way. It’s also such a beautiful studio! I would tell anyone that is considering a shoot to book it. Book it with a friend if you are nervous. But you have no reason to be nervous. The women in the studio are lovely. Nerves go away so quickly and you end up feeling sensual and beautiful. AND you don’t need a partner to warrant fantastic sexy photos of yourself, do it for you!”

“When I saw my photos for the first time, I was horrified and delighted! I have to admit that opening up the link and looking through the photos was tough at first. I’m my own worst critic. But after the initial shock, I was delighted by the results. I can’t wait to book in again this fall!!”

Gloss Boudoir Studio

Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio Gloss Boudoir Studio

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