Gloss Girl L – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

"It has been about two years since I made my physical health a priority for myself. I never exercised or knew much about how to take care of myself but began with group exercise class and signed up for my first triathlon this summer. I completed a total of three triathlons, one as a try it level and two sprint triathlons. This was a huge accomplishment for myself as I always viewed myself as being “out of shape”.

"I’ve always struggled with body image and overall self confidence when it came to how I look. Often when my partner takes photos of me I’ll state “I look fat, I hate that” and knew that wasn’t positive and needed to work on that. I’ve been working hard to view myself in a different light and love my body that has continued to inpress me with what I can do. I felt that a boudoir photoshoot would aid with journey of self love and acceptance!"

"I had a coworker that did a photo shoot with Gloss Boudoir, we don’t keep in touch anymore but I recalled working with her after getting her images and she was SO happy. I looked up Gloss on Instagram and began following them ages ago. When they had a promo it was a no brainer to try it out!"

"My favourite thing about the shoot was how it was SO easy! I appeared and everything just flowed. Before I knew it, I was all done and on my way out. I loved getting my hair and make up done and hearing all the laughter with the woman before me getting photographed. I was so curious what was going on in there as they sounded like they were having such a great time! It was fun laughing with Marcee and trying something I’ve never done before."

"When I saw my photos for the first time, I felt odd! But in a good way! I’ve never seen my body photographed in this way. It was fun going through photos of myself and seeing myself in this light. I’ve probably viewed the gallery a hundred times. No photos am I like “I look gross, I don’t like that”. I felt really proud of myself for doing this and how far I’ve come on this journey!"

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