Gloss Girl J Vancouver Boudoir Studio

"I did my first shoot with Gloss Boudoir 7 months after my daughter was born, and it was so empowering. I had worked hard to get back in shape, and I thought why not do another shoot with them! I had such a great experience the first time, I thought it would be a great present for all my hard work!"

"For my very first shoot I was so nervous, this time around I knew the drill and knew that Marcee and Kelsey were just awesome, so this time I was super excited!"

"My favourite memory of the day is getting to see Kelsey and Marcee again, they are amazing at what they do. I have never felt great in makeup, but Kelsey made me feel and look like a million dollars, my husband even thought so too, he usually doesn't like me with makeup, so that's a huge testiment to her work! Marcee is also a fellow mom, so it was nice catching up with her and discussing motherhood. She also has so much energy during the shoots and makes it easy to feel sexy!"

"There is such positive vibes during the shoot, so supportive of all shapes and sizes of women's bodies. I would definitely do another shoot again, it was such a great experience!"

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