Gloss Girl T – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

"My experience with Gloss Boudoir was amazing! To be honest, in the days leading up to the shoot I was feeling so nervous and self conscious about my body and how I would look in the photos, I thought I'd maybe made a mistake in booking. The night before, I was a nervous wreck and almost "called in sick" to the shoot!"

"The moment I walked in the door, all those nerves and fears DISAPPEARED. Both Marcee and Kelsey were so supportive and understanding and made me feel comfortable and beautiful, even before I had had my make up done and fancy outfits on.  The way that they chat to you and make you feel comfortable (standing there in your underwear) is awesome and they listened to all my concerns and totally catered the shoot around what I wanted."

"I recommend Gloss to every person I talk to about it because even though I wasn't feeling my most confident, they made the whole experience fantastic. Whether or not you are wanting to get the photos done for a sexy gift or just for yourself, I highly recommend using Gloss Boudoir.♥ "

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