Gloss Girl R – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

"I decided to do a boudoir shoot because I have always wanted to see myself the way I did in my head, but my exterior never matched my interior. Then one day I said, “SCREW IT!” And here I am!"

"Before my shoot, I was nervous and worried that I would be super unhappy with the shots and the experience. But then I ended up walking away from the whole experience feeling like a fox!"

"My favourite thing about my shoot was interacting with the girls prior to the shoot as well as Marcee’s enthusiasm and energy. It really helped me to get out of my own head and to stop thinking so much and have fun!"

"I would tell anyone else that is considering a shoot with Gloss to just do it. You have nothing but your ego in your way. Seriously."

Have you been thinking about a shoot but have some questions? Check out our FAQ's here, and get in touch here!

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