Gloss Girl A Vancouver Boudoir Studio

"Boudoir is something I’ve fallen in love with. I work in lingerie and have spent a lot of time helping customers feel sexy and confident in their bodies by finding the right items for them. Boudoir takes that to the next level. Wearing lingerie is empowering but seeing yourself (not just in a mirror) in lingerie looking fabulous with your makeup and hair done is even more powerful. Sexy isn’t a specific body type or specific aesthetic, it’s a feeling, and boudoir photography brings out the sexy in everyone!"

"This is my second shoot with Gloss, and they are simply amazing. The entire team are so fun to hang out with and the quality of their work is stellar. I recommend them to everyone who is thinking about doing a shoot for the first time because they are so welcoming and make everyone feel great about themselves. Also, it feels great partnering with a company that believes in female empowerment and is run by such amazing boss babes!"

"Before my shoot I was nervous, even though I had done it before, I couldn’t help but think thoughts like “I’m not in as good of shape as last time” or thinking that I would be awkward in front of the camera. But as soon as we started all of that went out the window. Kelsey did such a great job on my makeup and made me feel so incredible, I couldn’t wait to get started!"

"My favourite part of my shoot was how genuine and fun everyone is. I was lucky to have more than just my photographer Daniella, but also the rest of the Gloss team in the studio with me. I loved listening to them talk about how to shoot different poses and accentuate an outfit, or a body part. You can tell these ladies are really passionate about what they do and it shows in their work and in how comfortable and seamless the whole experience is. They truly are a dream and you know you’re in good hands with them!"

"My best memory of the day is all the compliments! That studio is a room full of positivity, encouragement, and straight up girl power. Strong women supporting women!"

Have you been thinking about a shoot but have some questions? Check out our FAQ’s here, and get in touch here!

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