Gloss Girl E – Vancouver Boudoir Studio


"25 was a long year for me, accompanied by struggles and new experiences and realizations I probably couldn’t have made without getting real intimate with myself."

"So… turning 26 was something special, a growing and learning moment that demanded to be recognized; laminated for all time so I could look back on it in future times of uncertainty. "

"I knew what I wanted, and the team at Gloss helped it get recognized. Some fluffy towels, one single article of clothing, and loads of champagne later we had something that was unique to myself and myself only. It was so liberating to have someone understand that what I needed was to pour the sexiness, the power of nudity, the Boudoir into me, and not try to fit myself into the idea of what boudoir sometimes was."

"I’m so grateful to have had this fun and amazing time jumping around from spot to spot with the ideas for shots pouring out of both of us here and there. I carried those good feels around with me for the rest of the week. 100% I would definitely run around covered in toothpaste and champagne working to get the most fun shots again, but maybe next time I’ll pick a cleaner concept for all our sakes!"

-Emma Pedersen

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