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"As a women who’s gone through tremendous changes with her body, I have struggled with even liking myself, every single thing on my body has changed from my thighs to my skin. After 3 yrs of hating everything about my body, I made a decision to start loving myself! Once I saw Gloss's work, I realized this was the way to start loving myself again. They clearly see beauty in every girl they meet!"

boudoir vancouver

"I arrived to my session, and my first stop was hair and makeup.Tarah blew my mind! My makeup was out of this world, and my hair was exactly what I wanted! Without even having to ask for anything, Tarah just knew what would work for me."

boudoir vancouver

"Once I was in the studio for my shoot, I just loved Marcee! She was very chill, and very professional. We talked about my struggles, and she took it and made me feel beautiful! We ended up having so much fun, she made me laugh and completely forget that I was half naked in front of a stranger and a camera!"

boudoir vancouver

"I loved my session, it was so empowering! It was so inspiring and felt a sense of control over the bad thoughts about myself. I left feeling absolutely great!"

boudoir vancouver

"When I got my photos I was blown away! I completely fell in love with my body again, and I started to cry! It has flipped a switch in my brain somehow, just made me realize I should love myself no matter my stretch marks, my cellulite, my waist size. There’s no reason not too! Just look at how beautiful I am! This is what Gloss boudoir did for me!"

"Please ladies, love yourself and if you don’t - Do a photo shoot with Gloss. It’ll change your mind in the best way. Thank you Gloss Girls for helping me get to my true beauty, bringing my inside beauty out!"

Gloss Boudoir Studio

Have you been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot with us, but have some questions? Check out our FAQ’s here, and get in touch here!

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