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We loved having Gloss Girl S in our Vancouver boudoir studio! Read what she had to say about her experience below!

"For a long time, I struggled with my body and seeing myself as beautiful. I struggled with body dysmorphia throughout my 20s and never felt 'enough' . Last year, my husband and I separated and it was the most difficult year of my life. I wanted to gift myself this experience by capturing myself post-break up; to show myself that I am strong, beautiful, and resilient."

Gloss Boudoir Studio

"A number of my friends had booked photo shoots with Gloss. I loved the elegant sexiness of the photos, the lighting, the composition, and how beautiful everyone looked. Because I have always felt self-conscious about my appearance, I wanted my first boudoir shoot to be with people I felt really comfortable with. For this reason, I was also happy that the Gloss boudoir team was exclusively women!"

boudoir vancouver

"I was incredibly nervous before my shoot. I also feel awkward in front of the camera and feel painfully un-photogenic. Gifting myself this photo shoot definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone and I'm so happy I did it!"

boudoir vancouver

"I loved how comfortable and relaxed the entire Gloss team made me feel. Amber was so wonderful and encouraging while taking my photos. She gave great direction and cheered me on when I struck a sexy pose. My make up was lovely too. The whole team made me feel like a bombshell model!"

boudoir vancouver
boudoir vancouver

"My best memory of the day was feeling like a bombshell goddess! And also how the Gloss team rallied around me to ensure that I had the best possible experience. I will definitely be booking a future session!"

boudoir vancouver

"When I saw my photos for the first time, I was overwhelmed and I cried because of how beautiful they were. I typically don't like seeing photos of myself (I feel as though I look awkward and uncomfortable in front of a camera), but when I saw my photos, it felt like I was getting a glimpse of how others might see me. That was a beautiful feeling, because I have been so harsh on myself over the years. I saw this beautiful woman staring back at me and asked myself how I could have been so critical and discouraging to her for so long!"

boudoir vancouver

"I would tell other women to just give yourself the opportunity to celebrate your own beauty. Society teaches women and girls not to be 'too much,' to be sexy, but the right kind of sexy. The kind of sexy that's tailored to the male gaze. You are perfect just as you are. And seeing the photos Gloss takes of you will affirm this to be true, if there was ever any doubt!"

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