Gloss Girl M – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

"I decided to do a photoshoot with Gloss Boudoir to have a few sexy pictures to look back on!"

"I saw Gloss's Instagram and was in love with the studio! I also loved all of the photos that were posted :)"

"My favourite thing about my shoot was right when I walked in, I automatically felt so welcomed by the girls, they were so great! Marcee was also so amazing made me feel so comfortable and sexy. Thank you!"

gloss boudoir studio

"To any other women that is considering a shoot, book with Gloss ASAP!"

"My best memory of the day was when I was leaving and feeling so good and so excited about it all. It was just a great experience overall!"

Have you been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot with us, but have some questions? Check out our FAQ’s here, and get in touch here!

boudoir vancouver
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