Gloss Girl A – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

“Knowing this was to be our last pregnancy, I had been rather vocal and nostalgic about how beautiful I felt in both experiences, and kept telling my husband how much I was going to miss my belly. I loved being pregnant. Even discomfort comforted me, as I recognized the source of those rib kicks and awful sleeps: baby.”

“At 35 weeks along with this, our second and final pregnancy, I went into early labor. Two hospitals, an ambulance ride, and five centimeters later, my labor stopped. I was prescribed a fairly strict bedrest and so spent the next few weeks lying down flat, until I passed the point of worry, closer to 38 weeks along.”

“My husband, knowing me well, surprised me with a boudoir shoot at Gloss! After nearly a month of lying down and worrying, it was a dream to be up and doing something so fun. At exactly 38 weeks along, we went downtown to the Gloss studio. Tarah, who did my hair and makeup, read my mind when I couldn’t explain how I wanted to look. She nailed it. I felt radiant again, I felt like myself, which was a true gift.”

“The shoot was incredible. Marcee has such an ease about her, I immediately felt like we had been friends for years. She knew exactly how to pose my VERY pregnant body to make me look strong and poised, even though I was not comfortable anymore, and we certainly had some laughs between shots!”

“My shoot ended at 4 and we thanked the team profusely, then we walked slowly back to our vehicle. We made it to the shoot! We exclaimed. As I sat down in our car I felt a familiar twinge in my stomach. On the ride home, those twinges didnt stop. Six hours after we left the studio, I delivered a healthy baby girl.”

“To say I am thankful to the Gloss team is a significant understatement! These photos are a gift that my girls and I will have for life, as I explain to them what it felt like to have them so close as they made their way into the world. And, it seems we caught these moments just in time.”

Have you been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot with us, but have some questions? Check out our FAQ’s here, and get in touch here!

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