Gloss Girl C – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

"I had been wanting to do a boudoir shoot for a few years, but never felt comfortable and "ready" enough to do one. Starting pole a couple years ago helped me find appreciation in my body for all the amazing things it allows me to do. This helped me to start regaining confidence in my body after losing so much of it during my early 20s when a couple of people I cared about, decided my value to them and how much they liked me based on my weight. I wanted to do this shoot now as a celebration and appreciation of my body. I decided to take the plunge and do it even if I didn't feel 100% ready, because otherwise else I might never do it."

"A few of the girls that I do pole with had photographed with Gloss before. Not only did their photos look absolutely amazing, but they had such good things to say about it as well!"

"My favourite thing about my shoot was how the girls just make you feel so comfortable and great from the moment you walk in for hair and makeup, to the moment you walk out the door."

"They also know exactly what they're doing. I loved that Marcee gave me so much direction during the shoot especially with this being first time! Even though she gave me lots of direction, she was also open to incorporating some poses I saw that I wanted to try."

"I also really liked how they understood that everyone has bits of themselves that they aren't as comfortable about, but they weren't looking to hide or erase anything, but to focus more on what makes you feel beautiful. As well as make you feel really comfortable and relaxed, which helps so much and makes you feel much more confident in your own skin."

"I would tell other women that are considering a shoot with Gloss to definitely go and do it! The girls know exactly what they are doing, help you feel relaxed and more confident about yourself as well as help you see more clearly how beautiful you are. You'll also leave the studio with a little bounce in your step after having such a great time with them :)"

Have you been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot with us, but have some questions? Check out our FAQ’s here, and get in touch here!

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