Gloss Girl C – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

“I decided to do a boudoir shoot because I am turning 30 this year, and I decided to do something special for myself! I did my first shoot with Gloss back in 2015 and it was a wonderful experience! I was overjoyed to have another special day – just for myself!”

“My favourite thing about my shoot was my photographer Marcee. She made it a rad and fun day! I would tell any other women that is considering a shoot to do it for you. Because you deserve to feel good about yourself!”

“My best memory of the day was how Marcee and Kelsey were like my cheerleaders – supportive and kind. I don’t have many female friends so it was sweet for them to be so supportive of my experience with me.”

Have you been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot with us, but have some questions? Check out our FAQ’s here, and get in touch here!

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    downtown vancouver, bc


    Downtown Vancouver, BC