Gloss Girl F – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

"I decided to do a boudoir shoot because I was coming out of a stressful, busy season with work and school and wanted to gift myself something that would alleviate those burnout blues. I booked with Gloss because they are simply the best - that’s why! I trust the team at Gloss to both make the experience the most fun and comfortable, and to provide the highest quality images afterward! With Gloss I feel totally taken care of in every way."

"Before my shoot I was thinking the classic thoughts of “am I ready? Am I ___ enough?” Tried to creep up just got shut down as soon as I peeked through the Gloss blog again. This experience is about capturing a beautiful moment in your history, and the past Gloss babes reminded me of that."

boudoir vancouver

"My favourite thing about my shoot was probably the constant excitement and feedback from Marcee! Who doesn’t need their own cheerleader sometimes?? The sneak peeks have me losing my mind! (Then immediately sending them to my partner, haha!) I’m going to cherish these images for life!"

boudoir vancouver

"I would tell other women that are considering a shoot the same thing everyone says - just do it!! There is a reason why ever babe who has shot with Gloss immediately tells all their friends to book in. It is as great an experience as you imagine!"

"I loved getting a peek at some of the images straight off the camera. They’re a real testimony to the talent of the Gloss team, and serve as a great remind that you really do look THAT GOOD in real life. I left the studio walking on clouds, feeling so sexy, so me, so renewed. Thank you Gloss!"

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