Gloss Girl L- Bucket List Boudoir!

“I have always wanted to try something where I would feel vulnerable, sexy and confident- this was an activity that had been on my “Before I turn 30″ Bucket List.  I was always awestruck by the confidence the other gloss girls would exude in their images and I never thought that could be me too! No denying I was so nervous prior to arriving at my shoot, thoughts in my mind were racing; However, the moment I entered the door and was greeted by Kelsey, all of those nerves were left behind- Her bright infectious smile and warm embrace calmed any nerves I once previously had. Her ability to transform not only your hair and makeup, but be able to transform your attitude from nervousness to confidence is amazing and honestly hard to describe.” ~Gloss Girl L

“Marcee, the beautiful Goddess photographer has the personality that makes you feel like you’ve been friends for ages, even though I was wearing next to nothing, I felt comfortable and never awkward. She talks you through it with ease and comfort and makes you embrace all that you are without concealing any bit of you. I originally had only purchased the images that came with my package, but as I was walking out I purchased an additional 10 pictures as I knew I had never looked or felt better!  I definitely am looking forward to booking my next shoot with Gloss!” ~Gloss Girl L

Ready to tick boudoir off your Bucket List? contact us today!

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    downtown vancouver, bc


    Downtown Vancouver, BC