Gloss Girl B- Boudoir Style

We’re digging Gloss Girl B’s boudoir style majorly! She rocked a full bra and garter set to a cute crop shirt and Calvin Klein underwear. We LOVE to see variety in outfit selection when a client comes in for her shoot so we know we can try a multitude of different looks!

“I had an amazing experience with Gloss.  Before booking with them I had always wanted to do a boudoir shoot, but never had the guts to commit to it.  I’d always find a reason not to, whether it was money, time, the tiniest zit on the end of my nose, too soon after the holidays – I had every excuse in the book.  But when I came across Gloss on Instagram and saw their photos and the women in them, something in me just screamed at me to ‘just do it!’.  I fell in love with the style – the photos were so sexy and soft, powerful and beautiful – every single woman looked incredible and confident and amazing.  I wanted that for myself, and I knew I had found the team that I wanted to do it.” ~ Gloss Girl B

“I was definitely nervous the morning of, but all nerves instantly faded away the second I walked in and met Marcee and the team.  They made me feel so welcome and comfortable and gorgeous (incredible make up team!).  During the shoot, you don’t even have time to be nervous or feel awkward because Marcee is giving you direction the whole time, and she’s been doing it so long that she knows exactly what position or pose is going to flatter your body type.  I felt SO beautiful and sexy and HOT!  It was the best feeling ever and it was just so much FUN!  I honestly can’t recommend Gloss enough and I can’t wait to do it again.  It’s an experience every woman *deserves* to have – to feel like a Queen.  Ladies – DO IT!!” ~ Gloss Girl B

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    downtown vancouver, bc


    Downtown Vancouver, BC