Gloss Girl M- Rock and Roll

Who wouldn't love Gloss Girl M's Rock and Roll style? We love it when clients think outside the box and bring in interesting pieces (HELLO THOSE BOOTS!) to shoot in! Also we're dyyyying for the rock and roll gloves, they give the shot so much more spice!

boudoir vancouver

"My experience at Gloss Boudoir was fabulous! It stared when I entered the building, the architecture! 😍 By the time I entered the studio and was greeted by my makeup artist things felt smooth and comfortable. The ease at which Marcee guided me through posing created a wonderful, supportive, and super sexy environment!! An excellent space to let go and get some sexy shot. Thanks Gloss Boudoir for being so Babely and supportive!!" ~ Gloss Girl M

boudoir vancouver
THOSE boots! <3

cool rock and roll stockings for a boudoir shoot
Try looking through thrift stores as M did here. Sometimes you find the best, most unique things!

boudoir vancouver

We know you're going to ask where to find those stockings... we've listed them below!

boudoir vancouver

Gloss boudoir photography studio Vancouver Canada

Sexy rock and roll stockings

We know EVERYONE will ask where these tights are from. You can pick up your own pair here! And while you're at it you should check out these boots... woooow!

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