Gloss Girl E: Anonymous Boudoir

We’re so excited to share this Anonymous Boudoir session with you all! Thank you Gloss Girl E for allowing us to share!
“My time and experience at Gloss Boudoir was so incredibly empowering!! I truly felt like a liberated, beautiful and sexy woman, which was awesome and so much fun! Marcee really cares about the people she’s taking photos of and I felt instantly safe and secure in her presence.  Her direction on how to put my body, tilt my head, eye gaze etc all served to relax and assure me because I could trust her knowledge of how to get the best out of me.  Without her guidance I would have not known what to do, but she kindly and clearly directed me what to do and where to go.  It was a joy to be at the receiving end of her enthusiasm for her work, she’s excellent at what she does.  The whole experience was so elevating to my spirits.  I’ve had fun with my girlfriends dishing about our individual experiences at Gloss, all super positive and empowering! I’d highly recommend giving yourself permission to have this unique and uplifting experience.  It’s rad to see yourself in the pics afterwards, it’s like “Oh! THAT’S what my boyfriend is always talking about!! Now I see it!!” Please do yourself a favour, Gals, and go get your pictures taken.  They’re a great keepsake and imagine looking back at them in your elder years and saying “man, I was hot!” And meaning it!!  You’re beautiful.  And you deserve to know that!” ~Gloss Girl E
boudoir vancouver
anonymous boudoir
How about these earrings though? She found them at a thrift shop. Swoon!
anonymous boudoir
anonymous boudoir
anonymous boudoir
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