Gloss Girl M: 52 and fabulous!

The effortlessly gorgeous Gloss Girl M came in for her first boudoir session with Gloss. We can’t help but think she is 52 and fabulous!

When the idea of a boudoir shoot first came up I scoffed. Why would anyone want to do a photo shoot at 52 with a far from perfect body?  But as that notion took hold, it actually became the best possible reason to capture the moment!” ~ Gloss Girl M

Gloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver Canada

Gloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver Canada

My body is far from perfect, but it’s perfect for me; as is each strand of tinsel through my hair and each line on my face.  Every one tells a story of my life and I’m grateful for each one.  So I booked my appointment with Gloss Boudoir to celebrate  me and my life in this moment.” ~Gloss Girl M

Gloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver Canada

There was something delightfully empowering about doing something so sensual for me – just for me.  Marcee was great at making me feel so comfortable and I loved everything about the experience.  We had so much fun working together.  I walked away from the studio that morning feeling like I could take on the world.  When I look back at my photos from the day, that feeling comes right back to remind of all my gifts.”

~ Gloss Girl MGloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver CanadaGloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver Canada

Don’t forget to add on our Lifestyle session to your boudoir experience so you have some incredible images of yourself to share on social media, your website or LinkedIn!

Gloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver Canada

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