Gloss Babe R: a GIFT to yourself

A GIFT to yourself <3
“Walking to the studio I must admit I had a few butterflies in my stomach. As soon as I met Marcee, all that faded away. She greeted me like an old friend with such calmness, caring and enthusiasm.  Marcee was fun and playful in the utmost professional way.  Her guidance in deciding which outfits to wear and where to shoot along with the precise posing instructions made me feel the most comfortable I’ve ever felt in front of a camera. I found myself loving doing poses way out of my comfort zone and with a smile.  The more poses I did they more I relaxed, laughed and more playful and sexy I became. I felt I did this every day” ~Gloss Babe R
Gloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver CanadaGloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver Canada
” Marcee, you are a true gem of a person. I left my boudoir session with a sense of fullness that I’ve never had before — I really feel deep in my soul a sense of completeness, confidence, and inner strength. It’s been some time since my boudoir session, and this feeling has stayed with me. The photos you took feel so authentic to my personality, and the feelings of inner light and strength come rushing back every time I look at them. I left feeling so empowered, confident and sexy as a 57 year old should (or any woman at any age) Ladies – don’t hesitate.  This is a GIFT to yourself – it’s the reason I decided to do this photo shoot.   This experience uplifted and exhilarated me in a way I never expected, and I am so, so grateful!    I will cherish these photos for the rest of my life! I can’t wait to do another shoot with you.” ~Gloss Babe R
Gloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver CanadaGloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver CanadaGloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver Canada
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