Gloss Babe S: empowering folks

“Thank you Gloss for hiring amazing empowering folks! Marcee shared a package on instagram and I thought it was time to appreciate my body as it is right now! Before the session I was feeling sad; I’d had some immense grief in the month leading up to the shoot but a couple nights before I was certain the shoot was going to help lift my spirits. Once I had my experience I felt like I had made a very good decision. Marcee captured me as I truly am! She got my real smiles and really helped me enhance all of the things I love about my body! My skin, curves, etc. I was so appreciative to see the real me and not an insane amount of “touching up”! I would tell someone considering a boudoir shoot to Do it. Honour yourself, thank yourself for all that you are, these ladies are pros and will capture you at your best!” ~Gloss Babe S

Gloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver CanadaGloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver CanadaGloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver Canada

As Gloss Babe S mentioned we hired empowering folks and she loved that we didn’t do too much editing on her gorgeous figure. We do minor edits to each client like removing blemishes, bruises and light skin smoothing as well as colour correction. We want you to look like yourself in your images! That being said, if you prefer a bit more editing like nip tucks and extra smoothing we take your cues and will edit to your liking, just let us know!

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