Gloss Babe A: veil of magic

Veil of magic…

“After some hard work turns and very recent heartache, beautiful was the last thing I felt going into my shoot. I was nervous…even for a retired model. The entire time feels like a dream to me now. The soft lighting coming in from the large windows. Soft fabrics, a rainbow of light and shine found nestled in every corner. You want to languish on every surface. I think the best way to describe the mood was ethereal. It was like a veil of magic!” ~Gloss Babe A

Magic boudoir photosMagic boudoir photosMagic boudoir photosMagic boudoir photos

“The gloss team put you at ease before you have your boots and coat off. It was like an afternoon with your very close friends…the music we dig, juicy gossip about lovers, and other hidden secrets bloom. You settle into the fact that you are here doing something purely for YOURSELF (even it it was a gift for that dedicated partner, or a lofty goal you dared yourself to finish…you are pampering and celebrating all of you).” ~Gloss Babe A

Magic boudoir photosMagic boudoir photosMagic boudoir photosMagic boudoir photos

“And the best part? I got to share the entire experience with another woman, one who was there to help create the magic with me. Marcee, she changed my world that day. <3 It was a complete rush that I cannot wait to replicate again.” ~Gloss Babe A

Magic boudoir photosMagic boudoir photosMagic boudoir photos

Magic boudoir photos

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Magic boudoir photosMagic boudoir photosMagic boudoir photos

Gloss babe A says shooting with Gloss was like a veil of magic. She also said these are the top three reasons YOU should book with Gloss today!

Why you should book today!:

1. All female team made me feel most comfortable to be intimate in front of the camera. The glowing references from my friends solidified this safe feeling. Also, images are never shared without permission and are deleted after a certain amount of time, which adds an extra layer of security in this virtual world.

2. The quality and style of work. Gloss speaks the language of form and beauty. I am amazed at their ability to produce quality boudoir shots without feeling overly sexual. These images are clearly directed to celebrate individual beauty, and not heavy sexuality (unless you want!).

3. The return of and flexibility of work! I was BLOWN AWAY to find out you get to see the finished product very quickly post-shoot. You are also in control of the finish and that is empowering.


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