Gloss babe E: confidence booster

“Sometimes we think we’ve found a life-partner, sometimes it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing kinda situation. So, after a concussion in the spring, my dog passing away, a global pandemic occurring, and finding out my (now) ex was being unfaithful (for almost the entire two years we were together), I was in definite need of a big confidence booster. I knew, it was time to suit up and let the wonderful women of Gloss treat me like an absolute queen. Hey yo, fuck 2020!” ~Gloss babe E

Gloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver CanadaGloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver Canada

“This was my second time having my photos taken at Gloss, the first time I had a light and dreamy look, this time I was aiming for something a little more alternative. I had had such a fun time the last time, and I knew that I was going to be welcomed into a safe and uplifting environment, masks and sanitizer at the ready.” ~Gloss babe E

Gloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver CanadaGloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver Canada

“Marcee being an absolute hype-woman the whole time, yelling about how great the shots are coming out! Kelsey doing a knock-out job with my hair and makeup! The fun new set pieces (love that iridescent wall)! The whole experience is a riot, a pampering, queenly riot! I realized It’s okay to be nervous, it’s not something you do all the time but the team at Gloss makes you feel so comfortable you don’t even notice you aren’t even wearing any clothing. Also, it’s a wonderful feeling to be your own work of art.” ~ Gloss Babe E

Gloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver CanadaGloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver CanadaGloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver Canada

“It both felt like an eternity of hanging out, but it was over in a blink. The camaraderie is amazing, and I’ll say it again, working with Kelsey and Marcee is like spending with two very good friends. They take your idea and they spin it into this magical and uplifting experience. My favourite memory is how confident I’ve felt since stepping out of the studio, and it had stuck with me since. Something that I’ve been missing and looking for for a couple of months now, thank you for helping me find that spark again Gloss team!” ~Gloss Babe E

Gloss Boudoir Studio Vancouver Canada

The gorgeous constellation/karma body suit is from Forever Yours lingerie in Langley! The sexy latex is from Deadly Couture, available online!

Want your own confidence booster but still want to learn more about a Gloss session? See our behind the scenes video HERE!

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