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“I decided to book an appointment with Gloss Boudoir to shoot promotional photos for my Burlesque performer portfolio.  Around the same time that I booked with Gloss I signed up for the Act Development course with the Vancouver Burlesque Co, and as part of that class a photoshoot with Gloss was included.  So, no matter what, I was shooting with Gloss!

A number of my friends and other performers in the burlesque community have shot with Gloss and I’ve always really loved how Gloss captured images.  Marcee is such an amazing photographer and cheerleader, I always felt 100% comfortable with her, which is so important with a boudoir shoot.
I love how she was able to capture a side of me that I don’t necessarily show in my everyday life, but definitely want to highlight with my burlesque life.
Maureen styled my hair and makeup and she was such a blast to work with.  One minute I walk into the studio into a onesie and like 40 minutes later I look and feel like a total knockout.
I highly recommend shooting with Gloss, they’re a professional team and the whole experience was really special.”
With love,
Sasha Evergreen xx
Vancouver BurlesqueVancouver BurlesqueVancouver BurlesqueVancouver BurlesqueVancouver BurlesqueVancouver Burlesque
This GORGEOUS garter belt is from Love Lorn Lingerie and I purchased it at Intamo Pleasure Boutique in Victoria.
Vancouver BurlesqueVancouver BurlesqueVancouver BurlesqueVancouver Burlesque
We’re OVER THE MOON excited about the hair and makeup look Sasha chose for her shoot. Classic, timeless and super sexy always looks phenomenal in boudoir images!
Vancouver Burlesque
We want to see YOU in the studio for 2021! Ready to book or have any questions? Click HERE to contact!
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