Gloss Babe S: Best Memory

“It’s tough choosing my best memory of the shoot because I loved everything about it. But what stands out in my mind is how I felt during and especially afterward. I felt sexy, playful, soft, creative, powerful, and untamed. I cannot wait to do it again! I originally wanted to give my boyfriend the photos as a Christmas present, but then it kind of morphed into a gift for myself. I felt like it was important for me to do something like this for myself to try and capture how I look and feel before I turn 40 and enter a new decade.” ~Gloss Babe S

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“I’m a dancer with Luminesque Dance and I kept hearing about how great everyone’s experience with Gloss had been. I looked through the Gloss portfolio and saw how beautiful all of the women were regardless of age and body shape, and that gave me more courage to book a session. Plus, the movement package for local dance companies is the best deal in town!” ~Gloss Babe S

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“I was so nervous! I was worried I wouldn’t know how to pose for a camera, but as soon as I arrived, Marcee and Tarah made me feel so comfortable. Marcee walked me through every pose and made it feel so natural and beautiful. I loved everything about the shoot from hair and makeup to the actual shoot in the gorgeous studio! I enjoyed it so much that I’m already planning to do it again!” ~Gloss Babe S

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Do you dance with a local dance company in Vancouver? If so we have a special package JUST for you! Get in touch and let us know which company or studio you move with and we’ll send you the deets!


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