Gloss babe C: amazing

“One word can’t sum up my experience with Gloss, but if I had to choose one, amazing is the first to come to mind.  From the moment I walked in the door, Marcee and Tarah made me feel so comfortable and welcomed.  Not going to lie, I was petrified to do anything like this.  But I have had no regrets about taking the plunge that day, and I look forward to booking more sessions with Gloss in the future.  The shoot was amazing, and so much fun, Marcee coached me through everything along the way, made me feel so comfortable, had me laughing and smiling the whole time, it felt so easy and relaxed, I couldn’t believe it went by so fast and that it was so much fun!  After a recent significant body transformation journey, and struggling with self image issues my whole life, doing something like this was the last thing I ever thought I should be doing.  But the whole experience was phenomenal!  This shoot reminds me daily to be good to myself, be kind to myself, to appreciate myself, and to honour myself and my life, complete with all its ups and downs.  Thank you so very much Marcee, Tarah, and the rest of the Gloss team.  What you do for women is empowering and magical!!!” ~Gloss Babe C

beautiful tattooed woman lounges on a couch boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouvera woman has an awesome experience at Gloss boudoir studioboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouvera woman lays down wearing very detailed knee high boots

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