Gloss Babe T: Take the leap

Take the Leap

“I booked this shoot for myself and found it to be such an empowering experience. The photos taken by Marcee tastefully show case my body and I felt beautiful in my skin. I encourage anyone who’s thought about a photoshoot like this to take the leap. Thank you Gloss girls for the amazing experience and Marcee for her amazing energy.” ~Gloss Babe T

boudoir vancouver

“Many of my dance instructors and dance friends have done sessions with gloss. I absolutely LOVE their photos. Thank you so much to Marcee and Maureen for the amazing experience. I am so grateful for your warmth, kindness and positive energy. Especially on a dark rainy November day! I will definitely be back to book future session and I can’t wait! :)” ~Gloss Babe T

boudoir vancouver

“I would tell someone considering a session to DO IT NOW!!!! You’ll love the experience and you’re worth it! The entire experience from entrance to exit was friendly, high energy and inspiring” ~Gloss Babe T

boudoir vancouver

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If you’re thinking you want to take the leap and try a boudoir session for the first time, check out the many resources we have on our website! 

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