Gloss Babe C: Super innovative

Super Innovative

“I’ve shot with a lot of boudoir photographers around Vancouver and Gloss is hands down always the best experience and results. I truly feel like Marcee is one of my good friends now, she’s always a ton of fun to shoot with and we spend just as much time catching up as we do getting the shots. Also Gloss is super innovative. The space is already so perfect but they constantly find ways to reinvent it for different features. I was so excited when I saw the Valentines set I had to book in!”

Gloss has the best experience and resultsboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverGloss has the best experience and results

“I’d tell someone considering a shoot at Gloss to Do it! Whether your on the fence with your current body or feeling the best you’ve ever felt, you’re gonna walk out of there feeling and looking like a million bucks! Plan a night out, show off to your partner your made up look. In these crazy times it’s important to treat yourself and check back in with your body. You’re gonna love the end result.” ~Gloss Babe C

boudoir vancouverGloss has the best experience and resultsGloss has the best experience and results

These GORGEOUS images were shot in our LIMITED EDITION Valentine’s day set and is not available regularly. If you’d like to be notified when we do our next specialty set, you can sign up for our Newsletter HERE. Our Newsletter is the ONLY place you will see Limited Edition sets and special promotions. Make sure to sign up so you’re not left out next time!

boudoir vancouverGloss has the best experience and results

“Coming into the room and seeing the new red set up was so cool and sexy! That was a truly unique set.” ~Gloss Babe C

boudoir vancouver

boudoir vancouver

The red set is from AvidLove

The robe is from Amazon.ca

the white set is from Shein

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