Gloss Babe V: summed up in one word

Summed up in on word: EMPOWERING

“My experience with Gloss Boudoir can be summed up with one word: EMPOWERING. With so much body shaming and pressure on women to have a certain look, I can definitely say that Marcee made me feel at ease and comfortable with my body and my flaws. I felt sexy and empowered, like I owned the stage! At first, I was very nervous coming into the studio, I have never had a boudoir photoshoot before and I didn’t know what to expect but once it began, I felt like a STAR. I cannot wait until my next photoshoot!” ~Gloss Babe V

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“Do it for yourself! It’s important for you to be comfortable in your own skin, love yourself and feel good about how you look no matter what flaws you may have. The shoot is so empowering! I owned the stage! I felt sexy, comfortable, relaxed and at the end, it was like I have accomplished something. The gloss team was amazing and I highly recommend them!” ~Gloss Babe V

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

Gloss babe V got her outfit from Fashion Nova!

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