Gloss Babe A: Cherish indefinitely

Cherish Indefinitely

“This was such an amazing experience and I’m so glad to have found out about Gloss Girls. They were very professional and friendly.

I would recommend every woman at any age and any walks of life to have a boudoir photoshoot at least once. It really is such a fun, beautiful, and empowering way to celebrate your femininity.

These are pictures that I will always cherish indefinitely!” ~Gloss Babe A

boudoir vancouver

You can never go wrong with a peekaboo garter belt… especially with rhinestones!!

Cherish her photos foreverboudoir vancouver

When in doubt of what to pack for your boudoir shoot, choose different colours. The varied colours bring a totally different vibe to each image and help the poses look and feel unique and special. Even brining the same outfit in 2 different colours can allow them to photograph completely differently! Black is always sexy and timeless whereas white or blush photographs soft and fresh.

A woman lounging on a bed cherishing her lifeboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

We’ve been swooning over these shoes ever since Gloss Babe A brought them in! If you’re looking to splurge, check them out here!

We’re so excited to welcome you to Gloss Boudoir! Contact us here for any questions you may have. Or if you’re not quite ready yet we suggest signing up for our Newsletter to be the first to know of any promos or specials we may run!

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