Gloss Babe N: Gift to myself!

Gift To Myself

“I decided to do a boudoir shoot as a gift for someone else but it ended up being the best gift to myself! I felt amazing throughout the whole session and sexier than ever! I came across Gloss on Instagram and I really loved how all the pictures portrayed really strong, confident and sexy women… and I wanted that for myself! You will have no regrets!!! It was soooooo worth it… you will feel like a new person after!” ~Gloss Babe N

A gift to herself

I was super excited before my shoot but also a little nervous. Maureen, my makeup artist made me feel relaxed and assured and Marcee was INSANNNNE at what she does! From directing and posing to fixing my hair, I new I was in hella good hands!” ~Gloss Babe N

A gift to herself

I loved just getting pampered and feeling so comfortable and sexy in lingerie! It is so powerful to feel good about yourself and especially about your body. Gloss was so worth every penny!”~Gloss Babe N

A gift to herself

“I would tell anyone considering a shoot with Gloss to totally go for it! Every woman should have a boudoir shoot, it’s so empowering and uplifting! You will feel amazing after and it is the best thing to do for yourself. Being a space that was for empowering women and which focusing on creating memorable experiences was amazing. I’ll definitely be back!” ~Gloss Babe N

A gift to herselfA gift to herself

Are you ready to book your own boudoir shoot and have a gift to yourself like Gloss Babe N? Take a look at our “How to book a Boudoir Shoot” page for all the info!

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