Gloss Babe K: comfortable authentic and radiant!

“Shooting with Gloss was a meaningful experience in my sexual expression. I saw myself from angles I had never seen. They made me feel comfortable, authentic and radiant. They provided a number of accessories and scenery options. It was so much fun and I have all these beautiful reminders. It was totally worth it <3″~Gloss Babe K

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Sometimes a black and white image is exactly what you need. Classic, timeless and magical. In our opinion it leaves something a little extra to the imagination! We LOVE this image in black and white! Old school Hollywood Glamour!

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

At Gloss we believe that EVERY woman deserves to have a safe place to express herself, step out of her comfort zone and feel beautiful and sexy. It’s an important part of ourselves that we don’t get to tap into that often. At Gloss you’ll be able to be yourself and express yourself any way that makes you feel comfortable, authentic and radiant! Bring any outfits you love, bring good energy and we’ll help you create some magic as a special gift to yourself!

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

Comfortable, authentic and radiant is exactly how we want each client to feel during their session and walking out of the studio after their shoot. Are you interested in booking a shoot for yourself? We have tons of tips and tricks HERE and you can follow our booking steps when you’re ready!

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