Gloss Babe C: Radiance


We see clients time and time again leave their session with a kind of radiance that only happens when you’re feeling that self-love! Confidence comes from self-care and loving yourself enough to support yourself with kind words, love and respect. We absolutely adore Gloss Babe C who has come in for a few session with Gloss now! She radiates positive energy and beauty and she understands the importance of what we do here at Gloss! If you’re ever wanting to add a pep in your step, an extra few notches of self confidence or just a super fun day surrounded by love in a judgement-free zone, a boudoir shoot at Gloss is exactly what you need! You can send us any questions you may have and we’ll hold your hand through the entire process!

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You can find great basics like Gloss Babe C has here at shops like H&M and La Senza!

We’re always so honoured when clients come back for multiple session with us. If you want to find out WHY someone would do 3+ boudoir sessions with Gloss you’ll just have to try it for yourself! It’s one of those experiences that is too hard to explain, but we can just say that you’re going to feel beautiful, have so much fun and feel confident walking out the the door!

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