Gloss Babe J: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

“I fricken LOVE LOVE LOVE my photos and I’m super proud to show them off!!!” ~Gloss Babe J

love love love

boudoir vancouver

“I have done 1 shoot before, so I was a lot more excited then I was nervous this time around. I loved my last shoot so I was sure to love this one! I can hands down say that doing these shoots are going to be a yearly thing for me! This experience is like that first big drop on a roller coast…Its profound and exhilarating and unexpectedly amazing!!! And after it you feel so much stronger for doing it…cause you know not everyone can or would! But you did!!” ~Gloss Babe J

A beautiful woman in lovelove love love

boudoir vancouvera beautiful woman in loveboudoir vancouver

“At the end of each shoot..It’s almost as though I feel my DNA change. Almost like my soul is rejuvenated. This is the best way I can explain it! I get this immense feeling of ‘pressure’ lifted..all the self judgment, all my self doubt, the negative body outlook…it lifts…and I feel the way I’m suppose to feel. Proud, beautiful, strong & sexy as hell!!” ~Gloss Babe J

a woman in loveboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“Thank you gloss babes. You are all game changers! You are all the Queens in your industry.”~ Gloss Babe J

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