Gloss Babe L: amazing from the first moment

“My experience was amazing the first moment I walked in the door, the studio is absolutely stunning. I’ve honestly never had a photographer take photos of me before, but Bre made be feel like I was perfection, she walked me through every pose, every smile and as the shoot progressed you feel so confident and sexy. This experience uplifts your whole day and continues every-time I look back at a photo from the day!” ~Gloss Babe L

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“Wanted to do something outside my comfort zone. Also as a women entrepreneur I wanted to support Bre and her road to success in her passion. Love to see people grow in their fields! I love love what you are about at Gloss, you seem like a small amazing family that kept me drawn to your page. ” ~Gloss Babe L

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We asked Gloss Babe L what her favourite part of her Gloss shoot was. Her answer: “Honestly everything. The whole experience!”

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverIf you want to check out Gloss Babe L’s jewelry line, Katz Jewelry, click this link… her items are GORGEOUS!!

Our apprentice photographer Bre is taking portfolio building sessions to boost her skills on select Mondays through May and June. These packages are discounted from our normal rates since Bre is still in her apprentice stage with Gloss. Get in touch here to book with her! Learn why Gloss Babe L said that her experience was amazing from the first moment!

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