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Are you curious as to what we suggest to wear for your upcoming boudoir shoot? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Every week we shine the spotlight on unique, yet easy to find outfit choices that we think will look great on all body types and photograph beautifully. See our past weeks recommendations HERE. This week we’re focusing on the Romper! We love the casual but sexy vibe rompers give. They are great if you’re interested in concealing the stomach area and showcasing the chest and legs! We have 3 of our favourite styles listed below. Don’t forget to click the links below to purchase! All of these gorgeous styles are available in a large size range on Yandy.com

boudoir vancouver

Floral Romper Standard Size | Plus Size

boudoir vancouver

Satin Romper Standard Size | Plus Size

boudoir vancouver

Rosy Romper Standard Size | Plus Size

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As always, if you have any outfit ideas that you want us to feature or showcase on different body types, just let us know and we’ll give you some ideas on what we suggest to wear! Still unsure what you want to wear for your shoot. Our Pinterest page is FILLED with ideas too!

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