Bridal Boudoir: A memorable gift!

This time of year we have dozens of clients getting married and planning their special day! This year, because of Covid, things are a little different but it’s all the more reason to give yourself a special gift along with something that will knock your partners socks off! Maybe you’ve had to postpone your big day (maybe multiple times!) or maybe you’ve decided to elope instead of going for the big wedding. Whatever your wedding situation might be, there’s still an element of trying to make every part of your day as special as it can be. For years, a boudoir album has been a magical gift to give your significant other on your wedding day but now more than ever it’s important to ALSO celebrate yourself during this crazy year. A boudoir album is not just for your partner but in fact, it’s an incredible gift to yourself to help build confidence, make you feel special and have something to look back on for the rest of your life. Celebrate yourself as you celebrate your big day!

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Don’t have your veil yet? You can borrow this one! We have it available at the studio year round! Click HERE for more of our Bridal Boudoir shots!

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If you’re interested in booking your bridal boudoir shoot please get in touch and we’ll send you all the details! We typically suggest booking your shoot for 4-6 weeks before you need your images so we’re not rushed to get them to you in time 🙂


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