Gloss babe A: Anonymous boudoir Images

Anonymous Boudoir Images

“This was my second time shooting with Gloss and it was another amazing experience.  It was a surprise for my boyfriend’s birthday so I had to sneakily make up a girl’s spa / makeup day as to why I came back looking all dolled up.  I was so excited after the shoot that I wanted to tell him and blow the surprise but I didn’t 😊.  Thank you so much to the Gloss team, especially to Marcee for bringing so much fun and energy to the shoot – I can’t wait to book in again! Thank you again!!!” ~Gloss Babe A

boudoir vancouveranonymous boudoir photographyanonymous boudoir photography

We absolutely love it when clients allow us to share their images, even anonymous boudoir images can be unbelievably sexy! We would never(ever!!) post a photo of a client without their permission first. Privacy is of utmost importance to us!

boudoir vancouveranonymous boudoir photography

“My favourite part of the experience is MARCEE. She has such an incredible energy, it makes the shoot so much fun! I have already told all my friends that they should do it – it’s an amazing memory to have. Being all glammed up and wearing all of my fun outfits – I wish I had booked more time it went by so fast!” ~Gloss Babe A

boudoir vancouveranonymous boudoir photographyanonymous boudoir photographyanonymous boudoir photography

Not sure what poses you want to do for your boudoir shoot? Check out our Pinterest Board for ideas! When you’re ready to book you can get in contact with Morgan and she will send you all the details! our summer and early fall schedule is already booking up so fast so if you’ve been wanting to shoot with us, now is your time! We can’t wait to welcome you to our little sanctuary!