Gloss Babe K: In good hands

“I was referred to Gloss from a friend and after stalking your instagram I knew I would be in good hands! After having 2 kiddos and working hard on getting my body back, I knew I needed to celebrate and memorialize this moment in time. I’m also turning 40 in January so why the fuck not eh? It was purely for me – to feel empowered, beautiful, strong and sexy.” ~Gloss Babe K

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“Do it. Book the shoot. It’s worth the investment. Don’t be a pussy!” ~Gloss Babe K

We’ll let Gloss Babe K say what all us Gloss girls are thinking, HAHA! Jump in, the water is warm!

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“I loved all of it! the hair, makeup and session was excellent – fun, professional and sexy! Also, great job, all the communication was seamless….everyone is very professional and approachable….follow up is great….good marketing….great brand. nice work!” ~Gloss Babe K

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We love the vivacious spirit that Gloss Babe K gave in her responses about her first Gloss experience! We love clients who bring good energy and lots of fun with them to their sessions. Are you ready to book? You’re in good hands with Gloss. Get in contact HERE!

If you’re looking for outfit ideas for your upcoming shoot, check out our Pinterest Page!

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