Gloss Babe K: Truly unforgettable

“I did this for my confidence, to try something new and exciting, to get out of my comfort zone and to show that all body types are beautiful, which was mostly for me. This was my second shoot, as soon as I got the e-mail that there was going to be a sheet session I knew I had to book a spot right away. Marcee is the most amazing person ever and I will do a million more shoots with her! I already can’t wait to book my next session! My favourite part of the day was literally just everything. The entire day is so magical , empowering and truly unforgettable.” ~Gloss Babe K

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“I was so frickin excited, but also a little nervous since it was my first sheet session and being totally naked! As soon as I got into the room though, that disappeared and I got more and more excited as my hair and make up were being finished. I love everything about the shoot!, but I mostly love how Marcee has the ability to connect with anyone and everyone and totally makes you feel like you’ve been BFFs for years!” ~Gloss Babe K

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

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