Gloss Babe A: Always admired boudoir photography

“I wanted to celebrate myself in an entirely new way for my birthday this year, while stepping out of my comfort zone a bit. I’ve always admired boudoir photography but never felt ready until more recently. Stepping into self love has led to so much growth in my life, and this felt like a perfect way to honour that. I chose Gloss because I have heard so many fantastic reviews from women in my community, and your work speaks for itself… it’s beautiful, and so are all the women you capture. Before my shoot I was very excited. I thought I’d feel nervous, but the Gloss team did an excellent job of prepping me ahead of the shoot with their handy guides, and making me feel comfortable ahead of the shoot. Mostly the thoughts were, “you’re sexy AF, you’re going to rock this,” and I felt so encouraged by everyone!” ~Gloss babe A

Beautiful woman admiring boudoir photographyBeautiful woman admiring boudoir photography

“I felt so comfortable, so utterly myself. Bre and Maureen made me feel like a queen at every step, and conversation flowed naturally. At the end of the session I was so grateful to have connected with these two super babes! The whole process of mentally preparing myself, of buying nice lingerie and getting dolled up, of being comfortable in my skin and confident in my poses was a beautiful journey in self love, and something I’ve never experienced before. (Plus, let’s face it, after over a year of sitting at home in leggings, it was *so* much fun!). Bre was fabulous! Her direction was stellar and I’m blown away by how “myself” I felt the entire time. Much love to Maureen who also did an unreal job on my makeup and hair! I have a feeling I’ll be doing this again one day. Your whole team is amazing and what you offer to women is pretty damn incredible. Much love!” ~Gloss Babe A

Beautiful woman admiring boudoir photographyBeautiful woman admiring boudoir photographyBeautiful woman admiring boudoir photography

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