Gloss Babe N: Raves about Gloss!


“I’m apart of the lumi community and everyone at Luminesque raves about Gloss, and now I understand why 😉 I felt like your social media and website gave me so much more information to feel safe in coming, compared to other boudoir businesses. For example, I had no idea what the make up process would be like and whether I would like the make up and hair styling, but I was able to find before/after shots and so much info about it. I also found so many videos on behind the scenes, guidelines and images on what clothing is accepted/not, and it just felt like I could easily find all the information myself through your website or social media. It really helped eased my nervousness and the variety of bodies, poses, outfits etc made me feel like I can show up however and it will be accepted. I also thought all the photos were so gorgeous, the studio was perfection, and not to mention, the team was absolutely so welcoming and detailed from start to finish which is so important to me.” ~Gloss Babe N

This client in raving about her time at Gloss!boudoir vancouverThis client in raving about her time at Gloss!

“I know Marcee said her style is “bossy” but i actually LOVED that haha! I wanted and needed professional direction and detail, and absolutely wanted someone to guide me through every pose and every little detail. That was one of my favourite things about the shoot. It really helped ease my anxiety of having no idea what I was doing and being someone who is so shy in front of a camera. I also loved that she would pose as well and physically SHOW me what to do 🙂 My brain couldn’t wrap my head around some of the poses so the fact that she would show me, made it so easy and helpful. I also loved that Marcee would scream and swear at how beautiful my shots were made me laugh so hard and made me feel so so good. ” ~Gloss Babe N

boudoir vancouverThis client in raving about her time at Gloss!boudoir vancouver

“Someone said to me “if you’re ever doubting doing a boudoir shoot, you got to just do it!” I heard that and then saw an email from glow about the package and that was my sign to book. No regrets!!! And if you have any fear going in, like I did (was shaking until I sat down on my chair in the studio), the Gloss team are absolute professionals and I promise you, any anxiety you have will ease tremendously as soon as you chat with them! They are PROS!” ~Gloss Babe N

Want to score Gloss Babe N’s gorgeous outfits?! Black body suit from Shein, red bodysuit from Hollister.

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