Gloss Babe L: The Best Decision

“I’d always wanted to do a boudoir shoot but never felt comfortable doing it “for” someone else. This year I decided it would be my birthday present to myself and it was the best decision! Marcee is a treasure! She made me feel comfortable, confident and sexy. It was so much fun that any nerves I had vanished within minutes. I didn’t realize just how empowering it would be or how proud I am to be the person in the photos. In a world that is constantly judging our bodies and teaching us to be critical about every inch of ourselves I think there is so much value in making space to celebrate our bodies. Everyone is beautiful and deserves to feel that fully and completely. This shoot was that for me. Like a lot of people I’ve struggled since 2020 and was really feeling down about myself. I left feeling more in love with myself then I’ve been in a long time and I’m so grateful for that.” ~Gloss Babe L

Gloss Boudoir Studio in Vancouver Canada

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    downtown vancouver, bc

    Downtown Vancouver, BC