Gloss Babe B: Learning to love my body

Learning to Love my Body!

“I am learning to love my body as it is right now, not after I lose a few or whatever it may be, but right now exactly as I am. Doing a boudoir shoot for me was a way to prove to myself that I am beautiful at any age, at any size! Why did I choose Gloss? A local female owned business that supports women and has amazing testimonials from all my performer friends?! It was a no brainer!” ~Gloss Babe B

Learning to love her bodyboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“Do it! You’ll feel so amazing afterwards and you’ll have proof to your future self that you were a badass. My favourite memory from the day was playing dress up and getting hyped with the Gloss babes. Marcee is such a fun hype girl!” ~Gloss Babe B

boudoir vancouver

The gorgeous Gloss Babe B is a local Burlesque performer here in Vancouver! She booked our Movement package which is available for local performers, dancers and movement fanatics. Email us for more info!

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

This amazing robe is by Melody Mangler!

Are you learning to love your body? Book your boudoir shoot and celebrate yourself exactly as you are today! You deserve to feel like a million bucks. Contact us HERE!

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  1. This was such an amazing experience! Highly recommend for anyone on the fence, you’ll never regret it – the Gloss babes make you feel so comfortable and confident.

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