Gloss Babe J: Dreamy Vibe

“I chose Gloss Boudoir as my studio of choice because of the dreamy vibe of the photos I’d seen + I love to support women-run businesses! I’d been wanting to do a shoot with Gloss for ages! I’ve been following you on Instagram, and I loved seeing how happy and sexy everyone looked in their photos.” ~Gloss Babe J

Dreamy photos of a dreamy babe!

“Before the shoot I was nervous and excited! I’d heard so many good reviews from friends who had shot with Gloss, so I knew it would be a great experience, but I still had some jitters. Those all melted away as soon as I was chatting with Marcee and Tarah, they both had me totally at ease right away.” ~Gloss Babe J

“If you’re considering it just do it! You will feel like your sexiest and most vibrant self.” ~Gloss Babe J

Dreamy photos of a dreamy babe!

“I had come in with kind of a crazy outfit idea — a purple, fringed coat. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea/the gals would be game to with it, but they totally were. We spent the last part of my shoot playing with it, moving, and laughing! I had the best time and felt like I was absolutely glowing for the rest of my day! I will be wholeheartedly recommending Gloss to all my friends.” ~Gloss Babe J

Dreamy photos of a dreamy babe!


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